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Check the Snack!

An initiative of the GGB Gesellschaft zur holistic education gGmbH Saxony for more quality in the food supply of the children.

What we offer

  • More seasonal products in cooperation with regional suppliers
  • more fruits, vegetables and salad ... FIVE A DAY!
  • more food and beverages in organic quality
  • Whole grain = Fit grain
  • optimized menus
  • Adherence to quality standards of the DGE

More offers

  • Nutrition education projects
  • Parents' evenings on nutrition topics
  • regular surveys of children and parents
  • Sensory School
  • Holistic education from kindergarten to high school graduation

Professional advice is provided by a steering group with cooks, educators, GGB/SIS management and a child nutritionist. specialist for child nutrition.

Language diversity

We translate our web pages with an extension that creates an automatic translation using the latest software.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee a perfect and error-free translation.