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Elementary school

International Primary School
Glauchau (IGS)

The start of elementary school marks the beginning of a new phase in life for preschool children and their parents. We want to give the children the best possible support during this intensive time and prepare them for the new demands. To this end, we use various educational programs.

In order to optimally cover all necessary areas of school preparation, we work intensively in cooperation with the International Primary School in Glauchau.

In addition to the weekly visit of a primary school teacher from SIS Glauchau, our preschool children are regularly invited to cultural events of the elementary school and are even allowed to "get a taste" of the lessons.

Former kindergarten children like to visit their old kindergarten and show us what they have learned.

For the nationwide reading aloud day, every year students from our schools are at the facility and read little stories to our children.

We are also supported by the principal and primary school teachers in parent evenings on the subject of school enrollment.


It is recommended that children who are to attend the International Primary School are registered at the age of 3 at the latest. With this registration no contractual commitment is made, but the school place is then reseviert for your child.

If you have any questions about starting school, we are always available at the daycare center. Or you can contact the International Primary School Glauchau directly.

Examples of cooperation

  • Design of various projects / celebrations
  • Visits of the preschoolers to the International Primary School
  • Visits from former children from our daycare center to present school materials and read to them
  • Weekly visit of a teacher from the IGS in our preschool group.
  • Intensive professional exchange between school and daycare center about the demands and goals of school preparation.
  • Themed parents' evenings on the preschool year and the transition to elementary school
  • Exchange of dates and information on the transition from daycare to elementary school

The cooperation gives parents and children the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the requirements of elementary school at an early stage.

International Primary School Glauchau
Lindenstraße 28
08371 Glauchau

Phone: 03763 - 440894

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