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Our approach

The start of elementary school marks the beginning of a new phase in life for preschool children and their parents. We want to give the children the best possible support during this intensive time and prepare them for the new demands. To this end, we use various educational programs.

Our preschoolers visit Proffessor Preiss' Zahlenland every week and deepen their knowledge of numbers and quantities. In playful learning units, the children consolidate important basics in the mathematical area, which makes it easier for them to start math lessons and gives them a positive image of this area of learning.

Recognizing and naming letters is another goal we pursue in the preschool year. We also use targeted learning units for this purpose. However, letters and words are also consciously visualized again and again in the daycare center in order to introduce the children to the first step in reading.

In order to optimally prepare the children for writing, fine motor skills are once again intensively focused on in the preschool year. Here, we also place great emphasis on versatile material and fun, so that the children are introduced to writing with joy.

Language diversity

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