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Foreign languages-
daycare center
Firlefanz & Wirbelwind

Virchow street 18
08371 Glauchau

Phone: +49 3763 4418740

This is us

Our team of educators, consisting of 8 female and male pedagogical specialists, lovingly takes care of the children entrusted to us.

State-approved educators and social pedagogues work in our foreign language daycare center. Our pedagogical work is enriched by the additional qualifications of our employees. Our professionals are supported in their daily work by students, trainees and young women and men in the voluntary social year and in the Federal Volunteer Service.

Furthermore, our team includes two employees in the housekeeping area.

Our facility is a practical training center and accompanies future educators and social pedagogues on their way to graduation.

Our daycare center has room for 15 daycare and 30 kindergarten children.

Our team in detail

Julia Breier

Facility Manager; Social Pedagogue (B.A.)

Yvonne charcoal burner

Deputy head; state-approved educator with additional qualification in remedial education, group leader of the "Wise Owls" VS group

Doreen Gottschalg

staatl. anerk. Erzieherin, Teamleitung Krippe, Gruppenleitung "Butterflies"

Sandra Gebauer

state-approved educator
"Little Birds" group management

Antje Knauth

state-approved educator, cross-group in the crèche

David Mader

state-certified educator, practical instructor, group leader "Clever Foxes

Johannaluh Schäffer

Educator / Family Companion, English Teacher, Intergroup in Kindergarten

Johannes Gebauer

staatl. anerk. Erzieher, Gruppenleitung "Frogies"

Language diversity

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