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Kita Firlefanz & Wirbelwind

The daycare center "Firlefanz und Wirbelwind" at the Rudolf Virchow Klinikum Glauchau is located in a good suburban location on the grounds of the hospital.

In the immediate vicinity is the recreation area Rümpfwald. Many hiking trails allow excursions into the surrounding area. As a destination for short trips there is, for example, the Bismarck Tower as well as a beautiful animal enclosure. Experiencing nature plays a major role in our holistic learning approach.

Our house

The modern ground-level building of our daycare center offers your children generous play areas. Both the spacious hallways and the light-flooded group rooms address the needs of the children and invite them to feel comfortable. Additional functional rooms, such as a sports room and a snooze room, make our building something very special.

Crèche and daycare area

In the group rooms, the children are encouraged to explore and try things out in various play and activity corners. By regularly exchanging the play materials, new learning situations are constantly created that offer the children incentives and variety during free play.

Outdoor area

In our well-maintained outdoor area, our children also have plenty of space to let off steam and give free rein to their urge to move. They can immerse themselves in a wide variety of fantasy worlds on the different playground equipment. Adventures on the pirate ship, running wheel rallies, building castles or wild slides are all possible here. In summer, a cool-down at the outdoor showers or a mud party at the watercourse is a welcome alternative.

Offers of the health center

Since our kindergarten was built on the grounds of the Rudolf Virchow Hospital, the health center's services are also easily accessible for us. In recent years, we have been able to regularly use the large gymnasium for sports lessons for the large kindergarten children or also use the hospital park for small excursions.

House rules

Wherever people meet, certain rules are necessary in order to get along well with each other. The children entrusted to us spend a large part of the day in the facility. This should remain clean and tidy so that everyone feels completely at ease. Staff, parents, visitors and guests always treat each other politely and respectfully.

We therefore ask all employees, parents, visitors and guests of our house to adhere to the following house rules. The house rules can be found in the download area.

More pictures and impressions of our facility can be found here!

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